Lontalius - I'll Forget 17

Lontalius - I'll Forget 17

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Like many teens, Lontalius (New Zealand's Eddie Johnston) feels everything acutely: first love, the ephemeral nature of said love, the turmoil of the larger world as well as the need to experience that world. Lontalius asks the existential questions that haunt all of us at that transitional age and couches them in these forlorn yet resonant pop songs. Listening to his strong debut might feel akin to stumbling across a teenager's Tumblr page, where the jumble of feelings and emotions in their full array is on display. From Wellington, New Zealand, he's garnered buzz and thousands of views on YouTube and Soundcloud for his poignant and measured takes on new classic pop hits but now he turns his focus squarely on himself, capturing his interior world and feelings at this vulnerable age.

Lontalius's ten-song debut announces a bright new voice in pop. While his fans might have admired the teen's ability to find the sad sentiment underneath the pop exteriors, his emotional astuteness carries over into his original material. "I've always really loved big EDM dance tracks with super emotional breakdowns," he says, adding that a song like "Kick in the Head" remains a favorite of his as it marks when he "started writing about real experiences and real feelings."

01. A Feeling So Sweet
02. All I Wanna Say
03. Kick In The Head
04. Light Shines Through Dust
05. Selfless
06. My Dreams Are Dark
07. Glow
08. It's Not Love
09. I Was More Than
10. Yr Heart Is Beating

Vinyl LP includes Digital Download Card.

Released March 25, 2016.