Deer Tick - War Elephant

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At the age of 21, John McCauley III, the man behind songwriting project/band Deer Tick, had recorded his landmark first full length album, War Elephant - an album full of songs wiser and more nuanced than he should be able to produce according to natural law.

The words are deliberate and heartfelt, and follow the lead of singer/songwriter heroes like Townes van Zandt, Neil Young and Richie Valens. The young McCauley even played and recorded every single instrument on the record, as well as put together all the arrangements - which touch on everything from the summery rock of Tom Petty to Nirvana's sludgier moments.

It is McCauley's voice however that carries these great melodies with such strength and honesty, in the way that only Deer Tick's founder can.

01. Ashamed
02. Art Isn't Real (City of Sin)
03. Standing at the Threshold
04. Dirty Dishes
05. Long Time
06. Nevada
07. Baltimore Blues No. 1
08. These Old Shoes 
09. Not So Dense
10. Spend The Night
11. Diamond Rings 2007 
12. Sink or Swim
13. Christ Jesus
14. What Kind Of Fool Am I?

Standard Black Vinyl 2xLP includes Ltd Edition Elephant Etching on Side 4 and includes Digital Download Card.

Re-released November 11, 2008.