Warm Ghost - Uncut Diamond EP

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Warm Ghost’s Partisan Records debut, this is a vinyl/digital only EP featuring three re-mastered songs from their debut EP, Claws Overhead and three new tracks. 

"An electronic treat that "sounds almost like samples from Bladerunner mixed with The Breakfast Club soundtrack." -Hybrid Magazine

"Paul Duncan's sternly romantic voice helps give the music a general smeary, indistinct aesthetic, which is possibly its most alluring strength." -Pitchfork

01. Open The Wormhole In Your Heart
02. Without A Dancer
03. Claws Overhead
04. Uncut Diamonds
05. Resignation Rights
06. Let My Angst Unfold In The Water Like A Hound's Tongue
07. All Cats Are Grey

Standard Black Vinyl EP includes Digital Download Card.

Limited Edition Purple Vinyl EP includes Digital Download Card.

Released February 15, 2011.