Lumerians - Transmalinnia

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The debut long player from Oakland quintet Lumerians, Transmalinnia, is a 50 minute excursion into the realms of psychedelic adventures that the band's explosive and projection-filled live performances have become infamous for.

Inspired by the transcendental visions of artist and poet Eugene Von Bruenchenchein, the album takes its name from his cosmic fingerpainting that illuminates the cover. In the studio, a former church turned recording studio and brewery they haunt in the Murder Dubbs of Oakland, they composed these odysseys as a single entity probing the unknown, conjuring resonances until songs emerge. 

While the record's sonic palette evokes primitive analog witchery, Lumerians hunger for the future. Sensitive to texture and repetition as an electronic act, the band is propelled by voodoo rhythms, stripped-down organ psych and fuzzed out space disco, travelling freely through worlds both vaguely familiar and largely uncharted.

01. Burning Mirrors
02. Black Tusk
03. Xulux
04. Atlanta Brook
05. Melting Space
06. Calalini Rises
07. Hashshashin
08. Longwave
09. Gaussian Castles

Standard Black Vinyl LP contains the track “Shortwave Fields” and includes Digital Download Card (High Quality 320 kbps MP3).

Digital versions contain both “Longwave” and “Shortwave Fields”.

Released March 1, 2011.