Emily Wells - Mama Acoustic Recordings

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Mama Acoustic Recordings is a kind of accidental album, recorded last year while Wells was on self-described “sabbatical” living with friends in Portland, Oregon. Emily Wells began experimenting with her traveling reel-to-reel, recording gentle new versions of “Mama’s Gonna Give You Love” and “Johnny Cash’s Mama’s House” with just her voice and acoustic guitar (and beloved Fostex Spring Reverb unit). Peeling off her own ornate production, she revealed her songs to herself, exposing new meaning though stark minimalism.

Wells is back with a re-imagined, all-acoustic version of Mama, with the songs stripped bare and her voice more fragile than ever. Mama Acoustic Recordings also reorders the original tracks and features one brand-new song, a moody ode to the city of angels called “Los Angeles.” -NPR 


01. Passenger
02. Darlin
03. Los Angeles
04. No Good
05. Johnny Cash's Mama's House
06. Mama's Gonna Give You Love
07. Let Your Guard Down
08. Fire Song
09. Dirty Sneakers And Underwear
10. Piece Of It

Limited Edition White Vinyl LP includes Digital Download Card (High Quality 320 kbps MP3).

Released June 11, 2013.