The Amazing - Gentle Stream

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Gentle Stream is widescreen, panoramic, horizon-reaching stuff. An elegantly constructed record of moody psychedelic majesty; it comes with a great dose of CSNY-style Laurel Canyon bliss. Its nine songs clock in at a luxurious 50 minutes, during which astral guitars intertwine in serpentine solos, horns blast rainbow melodies, and Gunrup's flute-like voice floats elegantly over the sunset sounds. 

There are countless stories to be told here, including playing a show for the Swedish Royal Family and Pink Floyd, where audience member Roger Waters appreciatively caught a bouquet thrown by the band during a standing ovation. This mysterious band holds one principle dear to their hearts: "The music speaks for itself".

Recorded in Stockholm's Fashionpolice Studios, Gentle Stream was produced by the band themselves and is as epic as their name suggests. Comprised of singer-songwriter Christoffer Gunrup, Reine Fiske of acclaimed neo-psych group Dungen, Fredrik Swahn, Alexis Benson and lauded jazz drummer Moussa Fadera, The Amazing are one of very few bands whose technical ability can only be matched by the sweeping musical panoramas they create. 

“Melodies that refuse to dissipate over multiple listens…these songs stand out with a jazzy, rambling, naturalistic quality, punchy in just the right places.” – Pitchfork

“An album of rare beauty” – Mojo

01. Gentle Stream
02. Flashlight
03. International Hair
04. The Fog
05. Gone
06. Dogs
07. Assumptions
08. When The Colours Change

Standard Black Vinyl LP includes Digital Download Card.

Released October 23, 2012