Ages and Ages - Divisionary

Ages and Ages - Divisionary

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Having spent much of the last two years in willful isolation, Ages and Ages surface at last with Divisionary, an emotive and emotional song cycle that sees the Portland, Oregon-based collective wrestling with many of the contradictions and confusion that life has to offer. Pervasive acclaim and a fervent fanbase followed 2011’s debut, Alright You Restless, but the band soon found themselves confronting what co-founder/frontman Tim Perry refers to as “some dark-ass shit.” 

Ages and Ages tackled those challenges by amping up their multi-layered modus operandi – all gang harmonies, rhythmic discovery, and inner conflict – the contrast between joyous sound and disheartening subject matter instilling songs such as “No Pressure” and “Our Demons” with striking pragmatism and undeniable muscle. Fraught with heartfelt drama, celebratory spirit, and sonic ingenuity, Divisionary finds Ages and Ages torn and frayed but more optimistic than ever, empowered and transcendent in spite of their turmoil and trials.

Produced and mixed by Tony Lash

Recorded at Jackpot! studios and mixed at The Magic Closet

01. Light Goes Out
02. I See More
03. No Pressure
04. Big Idea
05. The Weight Below
06. Over It
07. Our Demons
08. Ante Up
09. Calamity is Overrated
10. These Ravines
11. Divisionary (Do the Right Thing)

Standard Black Vinyl LP includes Digital Download Card 

Released March 25, 2014