The Wytches - Annabel Dream Reader

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Formed in Brighton in 2011,  The Wytches  comprises Kristian Bell (vocals, guitar), Dan Rumsey (bass, vocals) and Gianni Honey (drums). Led by Bell’s luminous lyricism, feral delivery and overdriven, surf-like guitar bends, the trio create a sound that is at once raucous and unruly, and yet decorated with semi-automatic poetry and authentic emotional clout.

Recorded at Liam Watson’s 8-track analogue ToeRag Studios in Hackney, Annabel Dream Reader was tracked in two days under the supervision of producer Bill Ryder-Jones (ex-The Coral). Comprising thirteen songs, Annabel Dream Reader sees the three-piece accomplish a dark and heady sound that embraces the black arts and the more extreme limits of rock, but which is never prescriptively macabre. Far from it, the band displays a broadness of influences – all at once the songs reference surf, grunge, metalcore, spy movie scores.


01. Digsaw
02. Wide at Midnight
03. Gravedweller
04. Fragile Male For Sale
05. Burn Out The Bruise
06. Wire Frame Mattress
07. Beehive Queen
08. Weights and Ties
09. Part Time Model
10. Summer Again
11. Robe For Juda
12. Crying Clown
13. Track 13

Standard Black Vinyl LP includes Digital Download Card. 

Released August 25, 2014.