The Dismemberment Plan 'Change' LP + 'Uncanney Valley' CD Bundle

The Dismemberment Plan 'Change' LP + 'Uncanney Valley' CD Bundle

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In March 2001, The Dismemberment Plan entered Inner Ear Studios in Arlington, Virginia, with venerable producer J. Robbins, who the band had previously worked with for Emergency & I. The result, Change, was released that October—and after being physically out of print for several years, we are proud to re-issue Change on vinyl for the first time. The record will be a 180-gram LP in a gatefold sleeve with a 12-page booklet containing art, photography and lyrics to all 11 songs—including “Ellen And Ben,” which was omitted from the original CD version.

Change is a perfect reflection of where The Dismemberment Plan and indie-rock culture as a whole was at that time—aging out of their party days, struggling to create a new identity without leaving behind what made them unique and having a spotlight shown on them during the entire process, making the struggle all the more real. Yes, the short-term result was the band breaking up, but given the passage of time, Change has proven its merit time and time again. And with this vinyl reissue, a whole new generation of fans can discover what thousands before them already knew: The Dismemberment Plan was—and continue to be—an important rock band, the kind you’re eternally thankful was smart enough to leave the basement and enter a recording studio a few times.

180 gram black vinyl LP comes with download card and instant grat MP3 of "Time Bomb".

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01. Sentimental Man
02. The Face of the Earth

03. Superpowers
04. Pay for the Piano
05. Come Home
06. Secret Curse
07. Automatic
08. Following Through
09. Time Bomb
10. The Other Side
11. Ellen and Ben

Re-issue out November 4, 2014