Paleo - Fruit Of The Spirit

Paleo - Fruit Of The Spirit

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Prior to creating Fruit of the Spirit, Paleo spent a year writing a song a day for his 'Song Diary' project. VP Dick Cheney even congratulated him on his massive accomplishment in a personal letter stating, "writing 365 songs in 365 days is a feat that took determination and dedication. Completing this project must bring you great satisfaction.” 

Paleo‘s second Partisan Records full-length, Fruit Of The Spirit. Recorded in Davenport, Iowa; Fruit Of The Spirit features a collaborative effort of friends and artists from across the Midwest landscape of Chicago, Minneapolis, Iowa City and more. Recorded with the analogue aesthetic and equipment with Daytrotter sound engineer Patrick Stolley, Fruit of the Spirit represents a modern day DYI symphony with David Strackany as the conductor and songwriter.

Holing up in Davenport, Iowa, David Strackany got taught the ropes of analogue recording from the original Daytrotter engineer, Patrick Stolley. Stolley’s place is a minefield of old analogue gear, a phalanx of synths and amps insulate the walls, piles of grease-thirsty old tape machines, bells, whistles, six-strings, four strings, twelve-strings, no strings. With this wonderland at his disposal, the young magi decided to try something which’d never occurred to him before: collaboration. Friends strode in from around the region – Chicago, Minneapolis, Iowa City, Rock Island, and Lawrence – and with next to no rehearsal and no lead sheets, they huddled for a three-day creative blitzkrieg. Electrofolk artist Cloud Dog lends samples and howls in the background, the bastard folkies from Minnesota add their sad, quirk-pop sensibility, and a revolving door of drummers and percussionists take turns on the kit. Strackany just let the tape role, and together they bottled a mischievous mercurial record sparking with imperfection: the bruised, sweet and colorful Fruit of the Spirit."

(Paleo) is a Greek word that means old and is the opposite of "neo," which means new. It reminds me that what I'm doing is old ... People have been doing rain dances and beating on drums, humming, and singing lullabies to their children since mankind began." – Paleo

01. Lighthouse
02. Over The Hill And Back Again
03. Pharaoh
04. The Rager
05. Poet Take 1
06. Favorite Places
07. Holly Would
08. Buddy Buddy
09. Honey Be Reckless
10. In The Movies
11. Poet Take 2


Released June 21, 2011