Lumerians - Horizon Structures

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From sub-orbit the horizon curves; what was future becomes past and then back again. Four structures take form, indicating the shape of things to come, somehow familiar.

Lumerians Horizon Structures EP leads off side A with The Bloom – a long-fused charge of anti-apocalypse rock. Change is not the end. Life persists. The world is not ending, but YOU are. The notion of apocalypse places undue significance to the brief tenure of Homo sapiens. Wintersong affirms preparedness is acceptance of the inevitable.

Side B closes with two heavily synth layered dance numbers. Tawazula and Laser Barn, dances of creation and destruction in that order and out of order.

Included with the record, limited to a run of 500, are Lumerians 4D portal viewing glasses with instructions for watching the music video for The Bloom – shot in Chroma Depth High Definition. Viewing may cause 4DHD (4th Dimensional Hyperspatial Disorder).

Side A
01. The Bloom 
02. Wintersong

Side B
03. Tawazula
04. Laser Barn

Limited Edition Black Vinyl EP includes 4D Glasses.

Released December 10, 2012