Emel - Ensen

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Emel rose to prominence after her 2007 recording "Kelmti Horra (My Word Is Free)" became a viral anthem during the Arab Spring, earning her the title "voice of the Tunisian revolution" and eventually an invitation to perform at the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize ceremony. On her sophomore album, Ensen, Emel distills her blend of acoustic and electronic sounds into a style that's even more uniquely her own, citing a diverse array of influences including Björk, Joan Baez, Massive Attack, and Egyptian protest singer Shiekh Imam. With several producers, including Valgeir Sigurðsson (Björk) and her main collaborator French/Tunisian producer Amine Metani, Emel recorded Ensen across seven countries and two continents. The atmospheric approach the team developed brings out the expansive, cinematic side of Emel's music. 

All pre-orders come with an instant grat download of “Ensen Dhaif.” Vinyl LP comes with a Digital Download Card. 


01. Instant
02. Ensen Dhaif
03. Layem
04. Kaddesh
05. Lost
06. Thamlaton
07. Princess Melancholy
08. Sallem
09. Khayef
10. Shkun Ena
11. Fi Kolli Yawmen (Bonus Track - CD ONLY)
Released February 24, 2017.