Dolorean - The Unfazed

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After ten years of touring and releasing albums, Al James and the rest of Dolorean needed to tap on the brakes and catch their breath. The fruits of this downtime in their hometown of Portland, Oregon was one finished album, four new babies (Miles, Noella, Juliet, and Nils), one EP (Anticipation Blues), two new record label partnerships (Partisan Records in Brooklyn and Fargo Records in Paris) and a new lead guitar player (Jon Neufeld). There were some stops and starts for sure – half of the album was finished, then scrapped, and then re-recorded, but the final version of The Unfazed proves that, once again, patience pays off. 

As its title The Unfazed suggests, Al James and his band-mates continue down the path of greatest resistance. Unfazed and unwavering, Dolorean dig their heels even deeper into the same fertile soils that have always informed their undeniably authentic songs and, as always, those songs are arranged, played, and recorded by this incredible team of musicians. Magnum photographer Alec Soth (Sleeping by the Mississippi) even contributed three unpublished photos from his personal collection for the cover art and inner sleeve.

What we are left with is a haze of lightly psychedelic pop music and ten more Al James penned songs – beautiful, direct, and laid bare.

01. Thinskinned
02. Country Clutter
03. The Unfazed
04. Hard Workind Dogs
05. Fool's Gold Ring
06. Sweet Boy
07. Black Hills Gold
08. If I Find Love
09. These Slopes Gave Me Hope
10. How Is It

Standard Black Vinyl LP includes Digital Download Card (High Quality 320 kbps MP3).

Released January 11, 2011.