Deer Tick - Divine Providence

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Following the September 2007 release of his first album, War Elephant, McCauley's Deer Tick project began earning comparisons to Bright Eyes, Modest Mouse, and Uncle Tupelo. Although originally released via FEOW! Records, War Elephant was reissued in late 2008 by Partisan Records who then put out the band's two follow-up insightful excursions into unapologetic Americana: 2009's Born on Flag Day and 2010's The Black Dirt Sessions. The band's fourth studio outing, Divine Providence, arrived the following year, and featured 12 rowdy and raucous originals that found inspiration more along the lines of the raw power that the Stones and the Stooges had to offer. 

To produce this Divine Providence, the band recruited the team of Adam Landry and Justin Collins, who produced McCauley’s side-project Middle Brother‘s debut album. The results are unlike anything you’ve heard on a Deer Tick album, but the Rhode Islanders achieve something much truer to their live sound. Distorted guitars are aplenty, and guitarist Ian O’Neil and drummer Dennis Ryan even take lead vocal duties for the first time on record. You can practically smell the sweat and the beer, and Shit, you may even hear a guitar or two break in there somewhere! It’s got a little Exile, a little In Utero, and even a little Nilsson Schmilsson, but it’s 100% Deer-Fucking-Tick in their purest, and most carefree form. The fact that it's the first album they’ve recorded in their home state doesn't hurt either. GAH!!! No need to over-think this shit!!! Moving on…

01. The Bump
02. Funny Word
03. Let's All Go To The Bar
04. Clownin' Around
05. Main Street
06. Chevy Express
07. Something To Brag About
08. Walkin' Out The Door 
09. Make Believe
10. Now It's Your Turn
11. Electric 
12. Miss K

Standard Black Vinyl LP includes Digital Download Card.

Released October 24, 2011