Callers - Reviver

Callers - Reviver

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Reviver is the third LP from made long time collaborators, Sara Lucas and Ryan Seaton, and stands as the most fully realized vision Callers has as artists.

Influenced by R&B, Motown, gospel, jazz, and the poetry of Gwendolyn Brooks, songs like 'Heroes' and 'Reviver' capitalize on a fierce spirit with driving rhythms and a hardened determination, while ‘Good Years’ and ‘Your Finest’ emphasize grandiose crescendos, idiosyncratic melodies and the complexity of surprise. On the album’s title track, one witnesses the satisfaction and strength they feel by attaining clarity: “We are older than ourselves / I’m your Reviver.”

"Reviver is an album of growth for Callers. It shows their talents as a band that can perform a vast array of songs and yet still manage to tie them all together." --Paste

Mixed and recorded at Machines with Magnets.

01. Good Years
02. Heroes
03. Your Finest
04. Crush Times
05. Long Control
06. Reviver
07. Turning
08. It's A Ringer
09. Antenna
10. Howard 2 Hands

Standard Black Vinyl LP includes Digital Download Card (High Quality 320kbps MP3).

Released October 9, 2012.