Ages and Ages - Alright, You Restless

Ages and Ages - Alright, You Restless

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The debut record from Portland’s Ages and Ages. Alright, You Restless brings the seven-member group together for 10 songs of melodic pop driven by 5-part harmonies and timeless lyrical content.

Ages and Ages is not a cult. Sure, the seven-piece Portland group exudes enough electric joy that it feels like a big tent revival. And sure, one finds oneself using church words to describe the band's sound: a powerful, life-affirming and exploratory blend of lessons learned, set ablaze with a buoyant, unbridled optimism. And yeah, there are frequent lyrical references to voluntary seclusion, communal living and existence 'under the radar' littered throughout the band's debut, Alright You Restless.

Alright You Restless was recorded in 8 days with producer Kevin Robinson at Amore!phonics. Bandleader Tim Perry says the secret was keeping things live: performing its songs as a full unit and singing together into a shared microphone.

Even President Obama is a big fan and included the album’s “No Nostalgia” on his 2012 campaign playlist!

01. No Nostalgia 
02. Under A Cloud Shaped Like A Tomb
03. Alright You Restless
04. So Freely
05. Peaks
06. Navy Parade (Escape from the Black River Bluffs)
07. These Elbows
08. Tap on Your Windowpane
09. When I Was Idle
10. Souvenir

Standard Black Vinyl LP includes Download Card (High Quality 320 kbps MP3).

Released February 11, 2011.