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The debut record from the shroud of mystery that is BOBBY

Founded by Tom Greenberg during his senior year at Bennington, BOBBY includes fellow classmates Julian Labat, Roby Moulton, Paolo Menuez, Martin Zimmerman and Mountain Man's Molly Erin Sarle. Shortly after graduating, the band all moved into a house together up in Montague, MA, a tiny rural hamlet hidden away in the woods with little more than a post-office and convenience store, strictly for the purpose of putting together an album. Unfettered by the distractions of civilization, and far-removed from their peers, BOBBY gradually took shape in the crucible of isolation.

The resulting sonic aberration was deeply suffused with the anxiety, apprehension and ultimately the joy that is the natural by-product of six minds struggling to cohere their individual creativity into a single artistic work. BOBBY's sound draws inspiration from this emotional experience, but it is equally influence by the Gamelan orchestras of Indonesia, the polyrhythmic hand drumming of Yoruba, as well as artists such as Kate Bush, Bjork, Vashti Bunyan and the Books.

Their eponymous debut is a lush, full spectrum exploration of frequency and timbrel layering. The songs within this record are a journey of undefined soundscapes and engaging harmonies that are sure to sell you on the first listen; yet will have you exploring the world of BOBBY for many listens to come.

01. We Saw
02. Sore Spores
03. Tomb Bloom
04. Nap Champ
05. It's Dead Outside
06. Loading Phase
07. Ginger (Water Birth)
08. Downing
09. Shimmychick
10. Groggy
11. Dustbeam
12. The Shed

Standard Black Vinyl 2xLP includes Digital Download Card (High Quality 320 kbps MP3).

Limited Edition Clear Green Vinyl 2xLP includes Digital Download Card (High Quality 320 kbps MP3).

Released June 21, 2011