Survivalist Tales!

Emil Amos, world renowned as drummer of the illustrious experimental rock groups Om and Grails, has an increasingly prolific, though relatively unknown, solo career under the moniker Holy Sons. Home recording over 1000 songs since the project's inception in 1992, Amos has spent the better part of the last two decades honing his song writing and production skills over a wide swath of genres in a mission to capture his internal world sonically. Only a handful of shows have ever been played under the name (including opening stints for Quasi, Devendra Banhart, Will Oldham, J Mascis, Daniel Johnson, and a show at a community center in Dharmasala, India) and none of the records have been traditionally promoted, developing a dedicated underground fan-base through word of mouth alone. 

Survivalist Tales is Holy Sons' 9th record, and represents the apex of Emil Amos' obsession to push stylistic genres to their breaking point while wrenching psyche-anthems out of the darkest frontiers of self-confrontation. The songs are a seemingly impossible blend of nightmarish Blade Runner-esque moog music with the darkest side of 70's easy-listening psyche and feature some of the most unabashedly soaring choruses Amos has ever put to tape. Combining avant-sound collage with lyrics culled from the hard-won truths of self-exploration, Survivalist Tales builds a beautiful imagining of future music. 

CD comes with immediate Digital Download (High Quality 320 kbps MP3)

Limited Edition Gold Vinyl LP comes with Download Card (High Quality 320 kbps MP3)

Released October 12, 2010

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From Home (MP3) - $0.99 Buy
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Slow Days (MP3) - $0.99 Buy
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