Cajun Gems - Richard Byrd At Little America

Fans of Portland’s Joggers rejoice! 

Cajun Gems, the original project between Ben Whitesides and Darrell Bourque has found its way into the hands of Partisan Records. Being released as a digital-only album, the original 19 tracks have been remixed by Rob Oberdorfer and remastered by Carl Saff from the original basement recordings of Whitesides and Bourque.Originally put out on 100 hand-screened CD-R’s and self released while playing only a handful of shows before disbanding to form the Joggers.

1. Bless This Snack
2. Hat Trick
3. Homebody
4. I Wish I'd Known
5. Legal Caves Are Horizontal
6. Everyone's Side
7. Moab Hostel Board Game
8. Japanese Banjo
9. Mt. Mexico
10. You'll See
11. River Warfare
12. A Gift Horse
13. Fluorescent Stables
14. Forest Park
15. Yankee Flux
16. Supreme Court Electrician
17. Plainclothes Officer
18. Double Cowlicks
19. Better Mistakes

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