Baby In Vain - For The Kids

Baby In Vain are Lola Hammerich (vocals/guitar), Andrea Thuesen (vocals/guitar) and Benedicte Pierleoni (drums), a Copenhagen based three-piece whose uncompromising sound is as powerful as it is addictive. The band have received plaudits by everyone from Thurston Moore to Alison Mosshart of grind-rock icons The Kills, who handpicked the band to join them tour not once, but twice.

After putting out handful of singles in 2013, all while touring heavily, the band wisely decided to tread carefully instead of blindly jumping into the murky waters of the music industry. “We were too young to be like, ‘let’s make a record’”, says Andrea. It’s a period of time that the band acknowledges on For The Kids, in the sludge-ridden ‘Worthwhile’, written in response to the pressure heaped upon the band after early critical praise.

The EP opens with the crushing ‘Martha’s View’, before bleeding into the blues-based brutality of ‘Muscles’, which Benedicte matter-of-factly says is about “selling your house and your kids and then doing some drugs and then selling some drugs and writing huge hits.” Elsewhere, the crawling ‘The Urge’ - which started off being about a serial killer and ended up being about cheating on your lover - proves Baby In Vain are just as adept at subtlety as they are at sledgehammer riffs. EP closer ‘Jesus Freaks’ is utter evil from start to finish, seeing the son of Christ murdered by the mafia and dumped in the ocean. “It’s about a night where you lose control,” says Lola.

1. Martha’s View
2. Muscles
3. Worthwhile
4. The Urge
5. Jesusfreaks
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